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Madwave aka Stephane Imbach is fully dedicated to music. If you are surfing on Swiss Trance you are going to know him for sure. As DJ, producer, and founder in 2005 of SYNERGY Events he managed to drag attention on contemporary Trance which in the millennium’s still stayed in the shadows of the mythical 90’s generation. Since he first danced at the Street Parade in 1995, he surely went a big way. He has got his own SYNERGY truck on the Parade since 2013. And there we met him last year, 2019, on the starting line, next to his stone age style decorated truck no 24. Concentrated but amused, he took some of this very special time just imminent to the big start to chat and take snapshots with us! I was impressed by the surrounding good vibes and his positive state of mind characteristic of those who know they can rely on their tribe.